VROOOM’s smart platform brings together both the cargo transportation customer (the cargo owner) and the service provider (drivers or transport companies) to benefit from its unique transparent bidding technology.



Easy Dial Demand is only unique Open the application and ask and locate the receipt and delivery

Pick a Truck

The second step is to receive offers from drivers and choose the right offers for you


The last step after choosing the right offers you are tracking and delivery for the specified location for delivery

VROOOM / About Us

Who Are We?

VROOOM is a new experience in the world of cargo transportation on land. The company was established to fill in a clear gap in the current advancing market, aiming at digitizing and simplifying the tiring and naturally chaotic processes of requesting, pricing, and tracking cargo delivery services, to narrow the virtual distance between the interests of service providers (transport companies and drivers) and service seekers (customers).

We in VROOOM believe that there is a real need for a more effective smart technology for all different parties in the market to meet on a reliable digital platform to conduct more transparent cargo transportation businesses. This in return will encourage a culture of confidence to make more successful and sustainable investment opportunities to all. To do so, and rather than acting as a sole broker, VROOOM has been empowered by a unique bidding system for cargo transportation to pioneer this idea worldwide. It provides the opportunity to VROOOM users to determine what offers suits them and what is consistent with the nature of their own business.


Digital technologies have developed more rapidly than any innovation in our History
VROOOM is the first App Providing a high-quality service that guarantees the delivery of our clients’ goods, both individuals and companies, with the safest, most transparent,fast and efficient way.

VROOOM is devoted through a set of internal constitutional values and principles of work ethos, to passionately care for the interest of the environment in where the cargo transportation market and its users can strive better. We aspire to make VROOOM's smart technology as a role model in supporting urban sustainability with the best programming codes that will help cut unnecessary real time traffics, thus reduce harming carbon emissions. VROOOM's remote applications, accessed from anywhere at any time, in conjunction with its constant live support will boost confidence and safety and enhance efficiency and economic progress within the transportation market. Join VROOOM to make a smart clean shift in your life and career.

We try strive to make VROOOM the most trusted leading brand in the all field of smart cargo transportation services in the world by 2025.
So we always strive to develop our services by constantly search for the most creative ideas that make life easier.

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Technical Features

VROOOM application makes requesting cargo transportation services much more easy and safer, saving you a lot of time and money trying to find the best price for your trip. With VROOOM you do not need to go to any cargo vehicles’ station, or spend unnecessary time and money contacting or visiting cargo transportation companies, or even dealing directly with off street drivers whom you do not know anything about."
All you have to do
Choose the right vehicle for the intended cargo or load type
Choose the time and place that suits you (make a scheduled order or make your order now )
Select the type of cargo and its approximate weight
Wait for 5 quotes to reach you to choose the good one for you



You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via Phone or email.

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